About Us

Fractal is a full-service digital marketing and web development agency, founded in Toronto

We help businesses succeed online through strategic marketing and web development solutions. 

Matthew Pinto
Founder, Director of Web Development

Matthew has always been a tech nerd, ripping apart his family’s home computer and putting it all back together again at the young age of eight years old. He’s been toying around with code since his teenage years, and has been a full-fledged web developer in Toronto for over half a decade. He’s passionate about creating incredible user experiences and helping people succeed online.

Adam Jespersen
Founder, Director of Marketing

Adam spent most of his 20’s playing basketball at the university level throughout Canada and the US. He then traveled to Asia, living there for a few years while handling social media and digital marketing for dozens of clients. He’s worked on growing travel accounts to hundreds of thousands of followers, and creating targeted campaigns for clients worldwide. He’s Google Analytics and AdWords certified, and is excited to continue working on digital marketing in Toronto.

New age, full service digital marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Strategic search solutions designed to increase organic traffic, build brand visibility, and establish industry authority.

Web Development

Seamless user experiences resulting in increased engagement, lead generation, and increased sales revenue.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Strategic ad campaigns designed to get you the highest ROI from your target market, leveraging several ad channels.

Social Media Marketing

We identify the best platforms to share your message, creating a solution that drives engagement and brand awareness.

Email Marketing

Create relationships with new customers and nurture relationships with existing ones through branded, automated email campaigns.


Custom branded assets including graphics, logos, videos, and animations, designed to captivate and engage. 

We’re proud to work with incredible brands

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